Floodlights Pack | Nike Mercurial Superfly 5 and Vapor XI


Written by Mathias

The fastest of the fast. The fifth generation Nike Mercurial Superfly has only seen four colourways so far, but this fourth Floodlights Pack incarnation is without a doubt the most vibrant.

The word “gamechanger” is thrown around all too loosely these days, but in the case of the Mercurial silo it is absolutely the most apt description. Ever since 1998, it has been reinventing itself with every new boot and played a big part on the feet of some of the biggest stars in the history of football. The Nike Mercurial silo has already been a deciding factor in the final of EURO16 and I can confidently guarantee that you can expect to see it on the end of many more major goals this season.

Autumn has definitely hit and all the colours of summer have been replaced by dreary shades of grey. Nike however only see that as an opportunity to steal the spotlight, with a boot that is bound to stand out on the darker days of the year.

The Floodlights Pack Mercurial is for that reason inspired by the way floodlights illuminate the pitch, and this Hi-visibility look will make sure you don’t get overlooked this season. All you need to do is decide, whether you want the Superfly 5 or Vapor XI, because both are professional level boots. I've made my choice and I'm all about the Vapor!

If you’re feeling this new Floodlights Pack look just as much as me, then find the Nike Mercurial Superfly 5 and Vapor XI boots right here.