Nike Floodlights Pack | The Hypervenom Phantom II & Phinish II


Written by Mathias

The darkness of winter looms, but by drawing inspiration from the way Floodlights illuminate the football pitch, Nike introduce this intense new Hypervenom colourway. Bringing some serious colour to those, who have the steez to pull off these.

The second generation of Nike Hypervenom is currently the longest serving boot in the Swoosh lineup, if you don’t count the change of upper that took place this summer. There is however absolutely nothing old-fashioned about both the boot construction and concept, which after more than a year on the feet some of the world’s deadliest strikers honestly has nothing left to prove. Gonzalo Higuain, Robert Lewandowski and Aubameyang. I mean talk about attacking pedigree!

In case you missed the upper change that took place this summer, it saw the return of the hugely popular textured NikeSkin with small dents and elevations from the first generation of Hypervenom. The Nike Hypervenom Phantom II and Phinish II therefore has a thin, supple and flexible feeling, which is absolutely ideal for attacking players, who receive the ball in tight areas and need to carve out space for a shot on goal. Combine that experience with the supportive Flywire that was introduced, when they upgraded in the summer of 2015, and you have the recipe for incredible attacking weaponry.

Nike are popping off with their colourways! Join the vibrant movement with the Nike Hypervenom Floodlights Pack right here - Ready to ship today!

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