Emergency, it got cold real quick! | Essential gear to stay warm


Written by Mathias Boughey-Svendsen

Just last week I played football in shorts and t-shirt, but I can tell you that definitely will not be happening anymore this year. The cold has set in and we have the essentials for staying warm and strong.

At least in Denmark, the weather took a serious turn for the worse this week and it’s time to armour up. We will, as we always do, be taking a super in-depth look at the best baselayer of the season later. In addition, our stock is always growing and we will have even more football winter gear coming your way. For now we will be focusing on the absolute emergency essentials, now that the weather has gone crazy cold in the blink of an eye.

Staying warm and comfortable, so you can focus fully on your performance and effort during training is absolutely essential to a successful winter season, and with the high-tech offerings available in the modern game, there really are no excuses for freezing up during football. If you often find yourself getting chilled, or hear your kid complaining about it, during games or training, then now is the time to read along.

Player Gloves:

Now all four product types I have found for this blog, are all pretty much essential for staying comfortable in windy and cool condition, but I’ll make sure to pick the most important first. Player gloves are just thick and thermally insulating enough to keep you snug, but won’t overheat like a pair of wool gloves will. Nothing worse than playing in wool gloves during winter - seriously, it’s just never worth it! All four gloves I have picked out here live up to the bill and really it’s all about design preference (Those Nike gloves are just a tad too colourful for some).

There are many more football player glove designs to choose from. See them here.

Base layers:

Can’t live without it during winter. Like I mentioned earlier, we will definitely be doing an in-depth look at all of this season’s base layers in the future, but for now I’ll just give you two sets that I have tried and tested and can definitely vouch for. Under Armour and base layer go hand in hand and if you’re in need of warm base layer that you just know will be high quality, pick this. Same goes for the Nike base layer, which even comes in a snazzy new design.

See all Unisport's best base layers from Nike, adidas and Under Armour for combatting the cold here.


The infamous snood, which some managers hate, until they find out it is the only thing stopping their players from going down with a cold every third game. Get one, use one and you will thank us for telling you to. If any parents are reading this, you will thank us even more.


I’ll toss this one in for those who get really cold already. It might not really be needed until winter really sets in for most of us, but if you have cold ears already, then I’ve picked out two here that look good. All you really want basically, because a hat really is just a hat.

Find Unisports full selection of training equipment for winter right here. Definitely worth looking through.