Train to become like the best defenders in the world


Written by Jonathan

To defend like the best defenders in the world is no easy task. In fact, you need both the brain and the physique to become the best. Watch along as Luca gives a lesson in defending.

We’ve dealed with the majestic playmaker and how to become a beast in the box. Now the time has come for the defensive line to show what they are made off. The Nike Tiempo Legend 6 is worn by the absolute best defenders in the world, such as Jerome Boateng and Gerard Pique. That’s why they are representing the inspiration for the third release of our Unisport Training series.

We have gathered all the training equipment you need right here.

In these three episodes Luca, along with our own coach, deliver some useful training tips on how to become a better defender. In short it’s all about three things: Be aggressive, Challenge with your body and Clear the ball!