Goalkeeper review: Furon Destroy from New Balance


Written by Katrine Abel

A few months ago Kasper Schmeichel announced that he was changing to New Balance from Precision. If you want to find out why, then read along here.

Fascinating first impressions

There is no getting around the New Balance Furon Destroy colourway, which certainly demands attention. The glove features some interesting technologies, like New Balance’ Supersoft 4.0 latex, Finger SlingTM, Ndurance, a truly unique closing mechanism and the revlite Punch Zone on the backhand.

Finger SlingTM for a personal fit

In the gloves finger New Balance have incorporated small elasticated loops, which you slip your fingers into, when you put them on. This fixes the fingers comfortably in place and ensures an optimal fit. As the pictures below show, the gloves have a unique closing function too, which further improves the fit.

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Ndurance and Revlite

The palm is equipped with a shock-absorbing black piece of latex, Ndurance, which supports the wrist and protects you when you hit the ground after a save. The palm is furthermore equipped with SuperSoft 4.0 latex, which right out of the bag feels flexible and comfortable. You also find the Revlite Punch Zone on the top of the glove, so you get more power when you punch the ball.

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My final verdict below

My final verdict

After having worn them in training sessions, where I had to play in both dry and wet conditions, the Furon Destroy certainly passes the test. We are talking about a fairly unknown and untested glove, but the latex performed and handled every drop of water well. The gloves were best in dry conditions, but if you only have a budget for one glove, then these won’t let you down in all types of weather. The black punch zone on the backhand was surprisingly good actually, and I really did get the feeling of boxing the ball further without adding more power myself.

The close was a lil’ bit too high up the arm for my liking, but it did actually give more flexibility around the wrist. The Finger Sling-technology, the loops in the fingers, combined with the double close function, did keep my hands well locked in, and I don’t remember adjusting them during the training sessions at all. The gloves almost gave the same tight fit, as a glove with a negative cut, but combined it with a flat cut. Pretty damn smart.

The only thing that pulls down my review of the glove, is that the elasticated strap is too long for my wrist - but to be honest if that is the only drawback, then I’ll say that is very acceptable.

The New Balance Furon Destroy is a new player, and it comes equipped with some very exciting features, which have potential to compete with the top gloves. I think more keepers will start opening up to New Balance, especially with the emergence of Kasper Schmeichel.