adidas Predator-History | Illustrations by TheLimeBath


Written by Mathias

Football boots are ever-evolving and for the most part improving, but sometimes we would do well to remember legendary boots of the past. This is one of those times…

Antony McLoughlin, aka. TheLimeBath on Instagram, takes us all on a trip down memory lane, where he honours all of the iconic adidas Predator football boots from the silo’s inception in 1994 and all the way to its final form in 2014. We simply had to share his work with you, and that’s why you can enjoy the brilliant Predator illustrations in chronological order in the two galleries down below.

The attention to detail shown in the Predator-History series is absolutely immense and it’s actually hard not to get a little sentimental, when thinking back at some of the memories almost all footballers have tied to at least one of these boots. I for one clearly remember scoring my first chipped goal ever in a pair of Predator Mania. I can’t have been more than eight or nine, but it still stands out in my memory and since that day, the Mania understandably holds a pretty special place in my heart.

TheLimeBath first presented his Predator-History series a few weeks back, and we have been admiring it and his capture of the iconic red/black/white colourway ever since. We have however held off sharing it with you until now. And why is that you ask? Well, maybe we know something you don’t… We'll leave it at that and let your imagination to dream up the rest.