Cristiano Ronaldo on free kicks | Joltter interview with CR7


Written by Mathias

In our continued series this week, where we talk to Cristiano Ronaldo, we had the pleasure of talking to him about his shooting technique. His thoughts on how to get it.

Cristiano Ronaldo is by many perceived as a pretty media-savvy professional, but in the interview with us and Joltter he was pretty brutally honest in what it takes to reach the levels he has. It’s not just the usual motivational speech, where footballers say you have to train hard. For CR7 training hard is just a given, and I don’t think anyone in world doesn’t know he puts in some serious work. Maybe that is why he is able to drop truth bombs on what it takes to get his shooting technique.

Watch the video interview with Joltter, which you can consider a Cristiano Ronaldo shooting guide and where our host even cracks out some of his own famous knuckleballs too. Go to the top of the blog and press play! In addition, don’t forget to subscribe to our Youtube channel for more sick football videos.

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