Nike Tech Craft Pack 2.0 | Leather uppers on the boots we love


Written by Mathias Boughey-Svendsen

Between you and me, I can reveal that you need to strap yourself in for a pretty crazy week of football boots! Nike kickstart it with the launch of their Tech Craft Pack 2.0.

The second generation, which upgrades the concept that proved so popular, has just been dropped by Nike and sees a complete revamp of the way Nike utilise their K-fuse technology. The reason for this is undoubtedly the introduction of the new Magista and Mercurial generations, which feature very different constructions that needed to be kept to ensure the boot DNA was maintained, as Nike transitioned them to a leather upper.

What the K-fuse technology essentially allows Nike to do, is add the kangaroo leather upper, where the outer layer of the synthetic material usually was. This means, on the Superfly for example, Flyknit has been removed and replaced by a single piece of leather. They weld it to the regular innermost skeleton of the boot to ensure the best fit and comfort, which ultimately gives you a combination between a sharp and close fit, as well as a soft and supple touch on the ball.

You can order the Nike Tech Craft Pack 2.0 already now, because they are all on stock.

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On this Nike Tech Craft Pack 2.0 the Swoosh on the boot has not been made from leather, which gives you an impression of how soft the leather material is, as well as how remarkably sharp it is compared to regular leather boots. I know we say it a lot, but when it comes to design of football boots Nike do really push boundaries and quality-wise they are setting some pretty remarkable precedences.

We will be zeroing in on each of the boots individually over the week, so you can get a better impression of them individually. However, like I said, this week is pretty stacked, so you’re gonna have to keep up to catch all the news this week. Keep it locked!

If you want to order the Nike Tech Craft Pack 2.0, then you can find them here. They are already on stock!