Umbro Velocita 3 | New generation with a very intriguing upper


Written by Mathias Boughey-Svendsen

Speed boots have evolved. Some still believe in the old mantra of thinking it’s only about being fast in a straight line, but not Umbro. The new generation of Velocita outruns the competition in all directions.

It’s funny how lots of football players in the world still think of speed boots as a fairly new concept, when in fact we are closing in on two decades of them. Since then it has become about so much more than just making you light on your feet and quick off the mark. Those qualities are the bare minimum, and these days the football boot enthusiasts know to expect more from their boots. Umbro have been meeting this demand for many years with their Velocita silo and now look to outdo their previous generations by introducing improved technology.

The upper on the Umbro Velocita 3 been changed entirely, so instead of being a more traditional microfibre it is now a soft memory foam-ish material. It is as crazy and comfortable as it sounds, but as you might imagine not the most stable upper choice in the world. To make sure the boots can even be used for football, an outer shell has been equipped to the innovation, which strengthens the boots tremendously. This allows the use of the foamy inner material, so you get both comfort, as well as strong stability for sharp changes of direction.

‘I’ve been looking forward to wearing this boot ever since the guys at Umbro first showed it to me – it looks great, is really comfortable to wear and lets me play the game how I like to." - Michail Antonio, West Ham and England player.

The Umbro Velocita 3 will be available from November 21st through this link.

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In addition, the front foot and tactically identified areas of the boot are made from a thinner synthetic material than the foam, so you get a sharper touch on the ball here. The stabilising shell is on this launch colourway made entirely see-through, which is a brilliant way of showing how the incredibly intelligent construction is put together. Umbro are finally displaying and “bragging about” their innovation, because it has always been there, but people have sometimes struggled to spot it.

I know I keep going on about the upper, but when a brand like Umbro introduce something so entirely unseen from an innovation stand-point, it does cause quite a stir at the Unisport office. Myself and some of the colleagues I have discussed this new boot with, were particularly excited to try the lacing system. We were initially very nervous that the boot would rinkle together, when you really tightened them. Luckily this isn't the case, as the foam is really accomodating to all foot shapes and if you want to, you can really tighten them, without ruining your touch.

New for the sake of something new should always be discouraged on football boots, because doing that has worsened so many good football boots throughout the years. That is why the soleplate is completely the same as the one fitted on the Umbro Velocita II. Why change a winning plate?

All in all, this is an exciting innovation that will make for a speed football boot like no other before.

The Umbro Velocita 3 will be available from November 21st through this link.