Joltter & JayMike about theTech Craft pack and more


Written by Mathias

It’s time for another football chat in the boot nerd corner. And as always Jakob and Joltter have plenty to say about the newest football boots. Watch along.

Everything from Nike Tech Craft Pack 2.0 to Velocita and the brand new adidas Copa 17.1 Red Limit. There is plenty to talk about for our two well-versed hosts on Unisport WebTV. As tradition dictates, they go massively over the 10 minute time limit and just keep going until they feel they have said what needs to be said. Watch the video and learn more about the latest launches, as well as why JayMike felt it necessary to say the words “Once you go black, you never go back…”

Do I really need to say anything else to get you to click the video…?