PWG suggests | Save money on indoor shoes this Black Friday


Written by Philip

Black Friday is always a good opportunity to save some money. Me being me, you can probably already guess what I suggest you pick up on Friday…

When I’m out doing my shows and competitions it is incredibly important to me that I am wearing the gear I feel the most comfortable freestyling in. I only have one chance to perform my tricks, so I can’t compromise and get distracted. If you, like me, love to freestyle or other forms of indoor football, futsal and street football, then I have picked out some of my favourite offers that my kind hearted employers (kiss ass) have reduced for Black Friday at Unisport.

Here I’m talking about Joma indoor shoes for example, but also some of the adidas alternatives, which I have really enjoyed lately, after wearing them in some of my tutorials. The Nike FootballX shoes are always amazing for indoor football, although I’d prefer others for freestyle.

Freestyle without a football is pointless and there I’d definitely recommend the Monta footballs. You could imagine there were some discounts waiting there.

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