We explore the tech behind the new Reusch Serathor series


Written by Katrine Abel

You have no less than six new Reusch gloves to choose from here at Unisport. If that seems a little hard to keep an overview of, then read along here and find out which one suits you.

Serathor Supreme G” Ortho-Tec

This is Reusch’ absolute top glove. The glove is the most expensive, but also easily the glove Reusch have fixed up the sharpest. The glove’s most prominent features can be seen on the latex, and if you take a closer look at the pictures below, you can probably spot the entrenchments that run through the palm latex. These follow the gloves natural movements and give exceptional flexibility and maximum control on the ball, because there won’t be any folds in the latex. On the latex you also find a blue silicone pattern, which Reusch call Catch Control 2.0. This control gives you an extra good grip, especially in dry conditions.

The glove is furthermore equipped Ortho-Tec finger protect, which is removable if you don’t want this feature. The glove is produced with a Dual Rolled Expanse Cut. This is Reusch’ way of defining a flat cut, with rollfinger on the thumb and little finger. The close has a piece of extra long latex, which gives an even larger catch surface and adds further stability around the wrist. Furthermore, the close is elasticated and thus provides you with the optimal fit around your hand. I know this is a lot to take in, but just take it from me, this is the glove for you if you have really high aspirations for your goalkeeping.

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Serathor Deluxe G2

A downgrade compared to the Supreme G2 in terms of technologies no doubt, but quality-wise actually on basically the same level. The glove is equipped with almost the same features, except for Catch Control 2.0 and Ortho-Tec. It has the same latex entrenchments, which avoid the glove latex folding awkwardly and creating pockets of air. This is an excellent glove with a good fit and some exciting features.

Serathor Pro G2 Ortho-Tec

Once again, very close to the Supreme G2, but with some money saved in various areas. On of those areas is the Catch Control 2.0, which isn’t a part of Pro G2 Ortho-Tec. Like the Reusch top glove it still features an expanse cut, but only with rollfinger on the thumb and not on the little finger. It is made with the G2 Ultrasoft latex and Ortho-Tec finger protect, but you can also get a version without the metal bars in the fingers.

The Reusch Serathor goalkeeper gloves are available for pre-order now. They don’t call them goalkeeper specialists for nothing.

Serathor Pro AX2 Ortho-Tec Windproof

An Aqua-Grip glove with an absolutely sublime grip in wet conditions. The glove is equipped with a fantastic Hydro Grip Latex, as well as Ortho-Tec finger protect, which can be removed. Furthermore, the glove is made with a rolled Expanse Cut, which is a flat cut with rollfinger on the thumb. This is nothing short of genius from Reusch. Here they have really made an Aqua-Grip glove, which lives up to its sales pitch.

Pre-order your Reush Serathor goalkeeper gloves right here.