adidas Tango collection | Pro-level performance for street and indoor football


Written by Mathias

adidas have launched their brand new ‘Tango’ line-up, which is spearheaded by the new ACE 17+ PureControl for indoor football. Made for the rougher and tougher indoor game and street football.

Football on street pitches and indoor courts has in the last couple of years boomed and now plays an even more central role in the improvement of young footballers. Hand in hand with this development, which I would even go as far as calling somewhat of a football revolution, players are also looking more and more towards their footwear and finding that it doesn’t reach the same innovation heights as their regular football boots. That is definitely about to change with the adidas Tango collection...

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“The Red Limit collection is the first time we’ve gone from the stadium to the street in the same collection. We’ve introduced a range of boots in on-pitch, cage and street silos so you can perform as well off the pitch as you can on it.” - Dean Lokes, Vice President of product adidas Football

That is why the new Tango shoes are made to be exactly like the Red Limit on-pitch adidas football boots down to a tee, all except for the soleplates that have naturally been modified with flat soles and turf patterns. This is the first time ever that adidas’ highest quality performance products have been made available like this and it is not something to be ignored. Creating the shoes marks a pretty heavy investment of innovation and resources from adidas and really stands as a symbol of their dedication to making the boots you see Luis Suarez, Mesut Özil and all the other superstars for indoor and street football.

Most notably the new adidas indoor football shoe concept sees the laceless ACE 17+ PureControl in an IN model, which brings with it all the innovation goodness we are already getting to know well. This includes the BOOST technology, which is the very biggest addition to the 2017 boots and is also absolutely ideal for football on the harder surfaces.

New Copa silo, new ACE generation, new colourways for the X and Messi, Kids sizes across the board, A PureControl Ultra Boost sneaker and now the Tango collection for indoor, street and turf football. The list of Red Limit innovation is seriously stacked and it’s really no wonder adidas are owning the football scene at the moment.

You can find the adidas Tango Red Limit collection right here. All surfaces covered.