NB Football present MiUK ONE | Only 2.000 pairs worldwide


Written by Jonathan Baez

We present to you: MiUK ONE. A football boot with tons of love and affection put in it. A football boot paying tribute to the traditions. And it’s only produced in 2.000 pairs worldwide.

New Balance are primarily known for their sneakers and running shoes. However, especially since 2015 New balance have played a serious part in football. Last year, NB Football was formed and introduced two new silos to the world: Furon and Visaro. Together with a line-up of players such as Aaron Ramsey and Alvaro Negredo, New Balance showed that they weren’t playing around. Today, they take a new big step with the introduction of MiUK ONE – a football boot in leather, 100% manufactured in England and only produced in 2.000 pairs worldwide.

The entire purpose of this boot is to create awareness around a new strategic decision from New Balance. In the very north of England, in Cumbria, New Balance have a shoe factory. Until now, this factory has mainly been used to manufacture sneakers. However, from today (officially) New Balance announce the opening of a professional development facility for its sponsored footballers at the Flimby factory – and the MiUK ONE is the first result.

Buy your new Limited Edition NB Football MiUK football boots right here.

The production of the boots has been going on for a couple of months now. Every single boot is handmade by a specially selected team, where each person has had a central part in the assembly process of the boots. The material is likewise carefully selected, with especially the fine leather from British cattle as a nice addition to the story. The outsole is borrowed from the Visaro silo, which gives a touch of innovation to the traditionally inspired boot.

This launch from NB Football is really special, which is why they have made sure to give the entire packaging an extra layer of love. Inside the box, the boots are accompanied by a premium quality cloth Made in UK boot bag, boot polish and a boot brush. You are never in doubt that New Balance have put a couple of extra percentages of love into this launch. Believe me, if you are a fan of leather boots, this new NB Football MiUK ONE Limited Edition is definitely a must have in your collection.