Christmas in Unisport Ep. 7 | Joltter and JayMike predict CL on FIFA 17


Written by Jonathan Baez

We've already had a number of Christmas in Unisport classics like the Crossbar Challenge and the Build-a-Kit Challenge. Today it's another favourite: FIFA Challenge.

Tonight is the last round of Champions League before a long winter break. Thus, it's the perfect excuse for Joltter and JayMike to play a good ol' match of FIFA in todays Christmas in Unisport. And of course, Joltter wanted to play with his beloved Cristiano Ronaldo, which was perfect anyway, because that way JayMike had an excuse to show off his secret love for Germany. It is of course the match from Group F - Real Madrid and Dortmund.

And, if history has any validity in this world, it should be pretty easy to predict the winner in this FIFA 17 match. Question is however, if this match will also predict the end result of the real match tonight

Make sure to watch the video till the end, as we have a new giveaway every day our Christmas in Unisport calendar.

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