Joltter meets Mesut Özil


Written by Jonathan

adidas recently launched their new Red Limit Pack, which included an update for the ACE 17+ PureControl. With that in mind we sent Joltter to meet up with one of the hottest ACE players at the moment: Mesut Özil.

Few would dispute the statement that the ACE PureControl is among, if not the biggest success of 2016. After a couple of seasons with slightly down going form, it seems Özil has really re-found his X-factor and has definitely been the talk of the town throughout 2016.

”I really like the colour and I remember the Predator, which I had in the same colour." Mesut Özil

We are not saying that the PureControl is the reason for his revival, but it probably is. And Özil is far from sad that adidas chose to remove the laces from the Predator-inspired silo and created their most advanced football boot. Especially not now that adidas chose to bring back the iconic Red/Black/White colourway. A combination of colours that stand out clear in the memory og Özil, particularly because of Zidane, who was his big idol, and who made the Predator silo immortal.

”Without the laces you get a perfect first touch and you can finish the ball perfectly." Mesu Özil

Click on the video at the top of the article and watch the entire interview with Mesut Özil. You can also see how to win a signed Germany shirt.

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