Christmas in Unisport Ep. 9 | Q&A about adidas GLITCH


Written by Mathias

Time for another Unisport Q&A, which ties well into our Christmas In Unisport series. Joltter and JayMike have gathered some of your questions about one of the hottest topics of 2016.

It wasn’t really supposed to be something big, but then again it was always going to be. adidas dropped their Glitch concept very much under the radar and although we naturally had word about it, it wasn’t really supposed to be a story.

The adidas Glitch boots come in two pieces (One inner shoe and an outer shell) that you can mix and match to your preference. Yeah, something like that obviously caused a stir and that is why we now have a Unisport Q&A with our boot experts Joltter and JayMike about the concept and boots.

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