New Balance take us behind the scenes | Where MiUK ONE was produced


Written by Mathias Boughey-Svendsen

Up in the North of England. So far North that you can almost imagine Mel Gibson in the horizon wearing a kilt and blue war paint, while screaming “Freeeeedom!!” That’s where you will find a very special factory that will now also start producing football boots - and the first was introduced this week by New Balance.

It’s not exactly an overwhelming sight, when we get out of the bus from our six hour drive from London to Cumbria in the North of England. Actually it is a surprisingly humble and down to earth building to behold, when we get our first look at the Flimby Factory. This is the shoe factory that will from now on be producing and developing a very special line of New Balance football boots.

While the exterior might be simple, the second you step through the factory doors you instantly feel the atmosphere, which exudes tradition and soul. Our visit to the Flimby Factory has really taken us to the countryside, and from the factory you can look across the Solway Firth over to Scotland. The Flimby Factory has been New Balance’s England-based factory since 1982 and produced some of the world’s most beloved and famous sneakers, running shoes and now football boots.

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When inside we get a short introduction to the place. Afterwards we are brought through the factory and to a darkened room and asked to sit in front of a large screen. After an interesting light-show and a short video, the star of the show takes centre-stage: MiUK ONE. This is the boot we are here for.

2.000 pairs worldwide and every boot has been made by real human hands from the first stitch to final packaging - all at the Flimby Factory in a room that can’t be more than a few hundred square feet.

"The MiUK ONE is a testament to where we have come from and where we want to be", GM of NB Football Richard Wright.

The New Balance MiUK ONE is much more than the football boot we have all grown accustomed to in the last few years. This is the start of something big and proof of New Balances’ grand plans for the future.The Flimby Factory will no longer be only home to sneaker production, but also a facility for testing and crafting football boots. Another massive leap forward for New Balance Football.

So how is the boot then? First and foremost we can’t underline enough, how big a deal it is that the boots are made entirely by hand. It means that right from the start, someone has been hands on with every single detail. It just gives a completely different quality, when football boots are made that way and it can be felt all the way through. All the way from the soft leather, to the ultra comfortable foam insole and the “Made in England” detailing on the side of the boot, as well as the packaging of the boot, which comes with leather balm and a shoe brush.

The sole comes from their Visaro boot, which is an indication that although this boot is limited to just 2.000 pairs and even though every little detail has been taken into account, they are not meant to be shelved. These are made for on-pitch action.

The New Balance MiUK ONE is visually not the most eye-popping boot ever and that’s a bit of a shame if you ask me, because if the eyes aren’t sold, then the rest of your senses need a lot of convincing. Believe me though, I have tried this boot in action now and this is premium quality all the way through. If you do have a good 250 euro to spend on leather boots, then this is truly in a league of its own.

Back at the Flimby Factory our tour is over and it’s time to head home. It was however very interesting to experience the entire process of production behind this pair of football boots. I can’t wait to see what they have in store for us, because something tells me this is only the beginning.