History of football boots 1952-2016 - Episode 18 | Christmas in Unisport 2016


Written by Mathias Boughey-Svendsen

We keep rocking and rolling towards Christmas Eve! This episode talks about biggest innovations in football ever, and also the biggest giveaway of Christmas in Unisport!!

On top of giving away a pair of either Nike Anti-Clog Magista football boots or Anti-Clog Hypervenom football boots (Yeah, we know kinda awesome really), we will also be letting Jakob loose on one of his most passionate subjects, which ties well into the two boots you can win; innovation.

He will be looking back to the beginning of football boots as we know them in 1952 and all the way to 2016. He has brought out all his toys and takes you through the innovations shaped the football boot scene we know today. Join the football boot professor and watch the full video at the top of this blog.

You can find some of the 2016 innovations on football boots right here.