Volley & Finishing Challenge with Nike Anti Clog - Episode 15 | Christmas in Unisport


Written by Mathias

Lacing up the shooting boots in today’s episode of Christmas in Unisport for another challenge between Joltter and JayMike. Watch along.

Like i said, the two are lacing up their shooting boots and in this case the shooting boots are the Nike Magista Obra 2 Anti-Clog and Nike Hypervenom Phantom II Anti-Clog. Rocking the boots of the future, they took on each other in a volley & finishing challenge. We all know JayMike is the better FIFA player by now, but who has the most powerful right peg?

Watch Christmas in Unisport now and enjoy the 15th episode, where you can also win either JayMike or Joltter’s favourite football. Join on YouTube now.

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