Did Joltter just quit? | Christmas in Unisport Ep. 19


Written by Jonathan Baez

with just six days to go before Christmas day, things are starting to heaten up in Christmas in Unisport. Today the guys almost reach the boiling point as they face each other in a national showdown. Will Joltter finally prevail?

Joltter might be one of the most hopeless cases of FIFA players in the world and the Finnish national team might be relatively far from anything that's resembling to a championship, however, whenever patriotism is involved you never know what's going to happen.

Oh well, you probably do know. Especially when Joltter face JayMike in a FIFA match. Nonetheless, you never doubt the engagement that Joltter has to this challenge in todays episode of Christmas in Unisport. Watch how much Joltter manages to minimize his defeat against JayMike, and also why he explodes so much that he actually quits.

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