New series of adidas ACE Trans goalkeeper gloves see the light of day


Written by Katrine Abel

A brand new range of adidas ACE Trans goalkeeper gloves have been launched to give you exactly the glove that suits your needs. Whatever your needs, we promise adidas have you covered with the ‘Blue Blast’.

Whether you’re on the lookout for just a training glove, a match glove, a glove for warm summer days or one for cold winter days, I’d strongly recommend taking a look at the new adidas ACE Trans goalkeeper gloves, which have just hit the shelves. If you’re struggling to figure out which one suits you, then read along here, where I take you through the gloves one by one.

adidas ACE Trans Fingertip

Fingertip is the only glove in adidas’ assortment, which comes with Rollfinger Cut opposed to Negative Cut, which most other adidas goalkeeper gloves are equipped with. This is the preferred glove by Barcelona’s Marc Ter Stegen and Manchester City’s Claudio Bravo, and for good reason. If you like Rollfinger Cut, then this is a sublime glove, which gives enormous amounts of latex-to-ball contact. The grip is fantastic and comfort top drawer, especially because the backhand is made from a single piece of neoprene, which gives your hand good movability. A fantastic match glove, which is durable and gives good support.

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adidas ACE Trans Ultimate

When talking about absolute top gloves, there is no getting around the adidas ACE Trans Ultimate goalkeeper gloves. It is a glove, which has it all. It is jam-packed with features, which help you perform to your fullest. For example the glove has removable finger save, which means you get a high quality glove that you choose whether or not has the rigid skeleton. ACE Trans Ultimate is equipped with Contact Maximizer Cut. This is a special Flat Cut with Negative Roll on the thumb, which as a result offers excellent grip and a particularly comfortable glove. Just like with the Fingertip glove we talked about earlier, the ACE Trans Ultimate also has a backhand made from a single piece of neoprene.

adidas ACE Trans Climawarm and Super Cool

In case you didn’t know, goalkeeper gloves are a goalkeepers most valuable piece of gear, and regardless of weather critical to your success. That’s why adidas have developed both the Climawarm and Super Cool gloves. The ACE Trans Climawarm keeps your hands warm on cold winter days, while the Super Cool is ventilating and keeps your hand chilled on hot summer days. Otherwise the gloves are exactly like the popular ACE Trans Pro glove, which is the glove of choice of Casillas, Manuel Neuer and many more. For example the glove has a Negative Cut, a backhand of neoprene, as well as a punchzone that gives protection and power when you punch the ball.

Get your new adidas ACE Trans goalkeeper gloves right here.

adidas ACE Trans League, Competition and Half Negative and Replique

One of the most fantastic things about the ACE Trans series is that there really is a glove for everyone. The series has a large set of price points, so if you are on the lookout for a cheaper glove to use during training or if you’re the parent of a young keeper, who investing 200 euro in is a bit much, then that is possible too. You can find the ACE Trans League, Competition or Half Negative, which are all more manageable price-wise and look like the gloves all the pros wear too. Quality gloves for all!