Exchange your Christmas gifts until the 31st of January | Easy guide


Written by Mathias

The Christmas race is almost over and you may have received some gifts that don’t quite fit. Read along here, where we explain the easy few steps to exchanging your new favourite boots/shirt/socks.

The entire month of December and the time between Christmas and New Year’s Eve can be just as stressful as it is cheerful and fun. We have made exchanging gifts easier by extending the return date, so any Christmas gift (that hasn’t been printed) can be sent back until the 31st of January. That gives you an entire month to both assess the size and ship it back to us.


If you’re unsure how to return your gift, then I’ll just take you through it below. We have kept it easy and if you still feel you ever need anything, our customer service can assist you in the blink of an eye if you contact them.

If you ever want to return a product or if the size isn’t right, then this is what you do:

Send the product back and include a copy of the invoice. If you don’t have the original invoice anymore, you can contact us and our customer service will send it to you via email. On the invoice you write down what size or product you want it exchanged to (The price can’t be more than the returned product, obviously). From we receive the item, the process only takes about 24 hours and the new product is on its way to you. Fast, easy and with us helping you every step of the way.

Quick step by step:

- Find invoice (Always available from our customer service if you lost it)

- Write down what size you want instead

- Send package

- Await your new favourite football gear

The product will have to be returned to the address below:

Unisport A/S,

Baadehavnsgade 38,

2450 Copenhagen SV,


Att: Returns

You can also read our FAQ section here.

Here is our customer service contact details if you need them.