Unisport Tech Talk: adidas GLITCH football boots and how they work


Written by Mathias Boughey-Svendsen

Build your own football boot. It sounds as crazy as it is. After a wild Christmas in Unisport it’s back to our regularly scheduled program. Watch our adidas GLITCH Tech Talk here.

Quite a lot of you probably remember the adidas F50 TUNiT football boots. Well, this is the same, but far more advanced and with far more potential for the future. Combining an inner sock, which you order so it is perfectly your size, with an outer shell that is completely interchangeable. This means you can completely change your football boots design and feel in less than 10 seconds.

Watch our latest Tech Talk and see it in action, as we naturally have a pair. Also, I’m afraid the adidas GLITCH football boots are only available in London for now, but let’s hope it spreads out soon.