New reflective Cosmos Unisportlife collection | Reaching for the stars


Written by Mathias

One for the dreamers and stargazers. We celebrate those who dare reach for the stars with our new selection from the #unisportlife collection. This is the reflective Unisportlife Cosmos collection.

In the summer of 2016 we took a new and bold step, when we launched our first official clothing line. The collection was launched in connection with the biggest event of the year, EURO 16 in France, and was naturally inspired by the country that gave us sparkling talents like Zidane, Henry, Benzema and naturally Claude Makélélé.

Now we are back with a new collection that gets its design from a slightly more abstract, but even more inspiring area. With its reflective logos and gold detailing on the black and dark grey backdrop, the design builds on taking the ordinary and traditional and making it into something spectacular. In other words: Nothing is stopping you from reaching the stars.

Fittingly enough, we have dedicated an entire universe to the new Cosmos Unisportlife collection. Explore all the styles here.

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The new selection holds a great number of different products, with names inspired by the universe. On all the fashion and football merging lifestyle pieces you find reflective logos, while the zips are made with a gold. The #Titan bomber jacket captures all these elements and absolutely stands out as one of the centrepieces, along with the #Andromeda pants, which will claim an equally popular role in the Cosmos collection.

You can find and explore the full Unisportlife Cosmos collection right here.