Top 5 adidas football boots by JayMike


Written by Mathias

Ask and you shall receive. On your request, JayMike is ready to rank his Top 5 of the current adidas football boots. Check out his list and see if you agree.

It’s no secret that we, and basically the rest of the football interested world, have all been very impressed by adidas’ 2016. The level of innovation has been on a different planet and the football boots they introduced will be what many of us remember the boot year by.

But with so many options it gets kinda hard to pick out the pair you want as your next boot. This has certainly been reflected in the questions you asked us lately, which a lot of the time, where about which adidas boot was the best.

You can find all the adidas football boots right here.

When it comes down to it, the best football boot is always going to be the one that suits your foot shape best. But nonetheless, we thought we would bring in the help of our resident boot expert, JayMike, who ranked his personal favourites. He knows a thing or two about football boots, so in terms of quality you can certainly take his word for the boots he vouches for here.

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