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Become a Unisport affiliate


Written by Michael Torp Tjørnelund

As a Unisport affiliate you will get the advantage of receiving sale commission from website traffic that is derived from you website or channel. When a user clicks from your website to Unisport and makes a purchase within the next 24 hours, the commission is triggered. The commission varies depending on what type of website or channel you handle.

We work together with the international affiliate network Tradetracker.com where it is possible to apply for all countries including unisport.dk, unisportstore.se, unisportstore.no, unisportstore.fi, unisportstore.fr, unisportstore.de, unisportstore.nl, .at and unisportstore.com.

As an affiliate at Unisport you will have access to an advanced product feed where you can index our products on your website for content generation or price comparison.

Besides the product feeds, we offer banners, promotions (e.g. unique voucher codes) and custom links.

Our current affiliates have a historical average eCPC (earnings per click) of est. 0,44€ in commission.

The Unisport Affiliate Program


Unisport was founded in 1995 and we currently have 10,000+ sports related products online. Customers can buy everything that has to do with football; Football shirts, Football boots, Equipment, running shoes and other football related products.


● 10,000+ products online

● 30 days free return service

● Won 3rd price at European e-commerce Awards

● 300,000 followers on YouTube Channel

Commission Structure:

- Voucher code sites: 2%

- General 7%

- Cashback 7%

- Premium 10%

Trading rules:

SEM: Use of SEM (Paid search engine marketing) is not allowed for publishers. Publishers are not allowed to send direct traffic to Unisport website through paid advertising campaigns & networks.

Email: Email marketing is allowed when approved by Unisport. It’s not allowed to send emails with Unisport in the sender name or represent themselves as Unisport. Only double opt-in email addresses are allowed.

Social Media: Direct traffic to the Unisport website from Social Media channels is NOT allowed. Social Media advertising is only allowed to publisher websites. Furthermore, use of the ‘Unisport’ / ‘Unisportstore’ brand is not allowed in campaigns to the publisher's website.

Cashback sites: Cashback websites are allowed, but need to be reviewed & accepted by Unisport.

Voucher code sites: Not allowed.

Representing as Unisport: Publishers are not allowed to create (landing) pages where they represent themselves as Unisport.

Approval of Sales: As default, sales are validated after maximum of 65 days in order to track any returns/cancellations that may occur. The average approval time of sales is however estimated to be 45 days.

Tracking: Tracking is based on cookies. The cookie time is set to 3 days (72 hours). When a customer clicks an affiliate link, a cookie is placed on the customer's computer and IP.

Duplicate transactions: When there are double sales transactions with same transaction ID, we reserve the right to cancel one them.

What is an Affiliate program?

Affiliate is a marketing technique that links the merchant site of an "advertiser" with the site of an "affiliate" (publisher) as part of the promotion of items for sale online.

1) A user visits the affiliate's website (you)
2) The user clicks on a link to the advertiser's website (us)
3) The user places order on the site of the advertiser
4) The affiliate receives a commission based on the amount of the consumer's order

Become a Unisport Affiliate
By becoming a Unisport affiliate you will be able to get commissions for every order from your website: When a user clicks on a Unisport link on your website and places an order, you will be commissioned with a percentage of the order.

Why choose Unisport?
By becoming a Unisport affiliate you will benefit from a large structure that has existed for over 20 years and that will enable you to generate profit through your website. You do not have to deal with the preparation of the order, the delivery or the after-sales service.

How to Become an Unisport Affiliate
To become a Unisport affiliate you need to have a website. You can write to us at support@unisportstore.com by sending us your details and the address of your website. Once your application has been reviewed we will come back to you and tell you if the partnership can be put in place