Benteke on the Hypervenom 3: "It's really nice boots"


Written by Jonathan

With the Hypervenom 3 Nike are bringing the boot back to it's original identity as a boot for the attackers. We have thus started a hunt on real strikers. Today we are getting close with Christian Benteke.

When Nike back in 2013 launched the Hypervenom, Benteke was among the deadly strikers that wore the boot. However, after only a year in the Hypervenom, Benteke changed (a bit suprising) his Hypervenom with the Tiempo Legend. They probably weren't too fond of that move in Nike, but in the end is about feeling comfortable in the shoes you play with.

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Benteke is now back in the Hypervenom, and has been so since the summer of 2016. It was therefore a logical move to send Joltter to London to talk about why Benteke is back with the Hypervenom:

”When I came to England I scored a lot of goals with the Hypervenom, so mentally it plays a part and I said, that I have to come back to the Hypervenom. I really like the colour, the design. It’s really nice shoes.” Christian Benteke, Crystal Palace & Belgium.

Benteke has been through a couple of difficult seasons with injuries and lack of game time. However, it seems now like he has found his way back on track in Crystal Palace, where he has scored 8 goals in 19 matches. It'll be interesting to se if the new Hypervenom 3 can bring Benteke back to his level from 2012/2013 where he played his way into the consciousness of the entire football world.

Watch the interview in the top of the article.