The Uhlsport Eliminator in a new and improved version


Written by Katrine Abel

It's hard to keep your feet on the ground when a strong spring launch of the Uhlsport Eliminator goalkeeper gloves sees the light of day. The grip is still without comparison, the design is even greater and the closing mechanism has improved to perfection. Amazing!

In the Uhlsport Eliminator series you can find epic gloves that are used by great stars like Hugo Lloris from Tottenham and Samie Handanovic from Inter. You also find gloves that are perfect for the young rookie and for everyone in between.

Read more here where I tell you a little bit about the new Uhlsport Eliminator goalkeeper gloves and equip you for choosing your new gloves.

About a year and a half ago, Uhlsport introduced a revolutionary latex that they named Supergrip. This unique latex is one of the leading latexes on the market, and it impresses with an outstanding grip in wet and dry conditions.
The story behind this latex is that Uhlsport in the fall of 2015 developed and improved their top latex at the time, the Absolutgrip latex. Afterwards they tried adding the small so-called High-Grip Elements. This resulted in pure glove magic that you cannot really comprehend before you've tried it yourself. Uhlsport have spoiled their goalkeepers so that they can enjoy the Supergrip latex with Flat, Negative and Rollfinger cut and with or without finger protection.

See Uhlsports Supergrip gloves here

As an alternative to the Supergrip, Uhlsport offer their former top latex, the Absolutgrip, which in an obvious choice for both the elite and the sub-elite. It's a great, sticky latex that gives a trustworthy grip in all conditions, and it is surprisingly durable compared to other latexes in its class. The Absolutgrip latex is a strong player in the field, and its most serious competitor probably is Uhlsport's own Supergrip latex. Again Uhlsport make sure all their goalkeepers can benefit from their great latex no matter their preferences on cut and finger protection.

Soft og Supersoft
A true trademark for Uhlsport is the way they provide gloves for all ages and levels. If you're a rookie or just looking for a pair of gloves with great durability and a nice grip at a fair price, the Soft and Supersoft latex gloves are worth considering.

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