adidas ACE 16+ PureControl UltraBOOST "Blue Blast"


Written by Mathias Boughey-Svendsen

When we at Unisport don’t have our eyes on football boots, chances are it’s probably because we are unveiling a pair of new sneakers instead. We have the pleasure of doing so today, where we introduce the adidas ACE 16+ PureControl Ultra Boost Blue Blast.

Before you knot your tongue and try to clap your way through all the syllables in the name, you can breathe a sigh of relief, because we have luckily put together some images for you to enjoy instead. As a welcomed follow-up to adidas’ Blue Blast collection, these new sneakers come in a simple and refreshing design, which is screaming out for clear blue skies and spring. If you’re looking for new skates to usher in the new season, then this is the time to look alive.

You can order the adidas ACE 16+ PureControl Ultra Boost Blue Blast right here from Wednesday the 1st of February.

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The adidas ACE 16+ PureControl Ultra Boost combines, as the name rightly implies, the fusion between two worlds; football and fashion. The revolutionising football boots, have won a massive amount of football fanatics hearts over, just as the Ultra Boost sneakers have in the fashion footwear scene. The natural bridge between the two is personified by Paul Pogba, who on the pitch wears the adidas ACE 17+ PureControl, while donning a vast sneaker collection off it.

A combination of the two collections has therefore naturally created a great demand, and beforehand the boots have been very, very hard to get a hold of, which resulted in them often only being available through raffles and draws. This time though, we will only be selling all on our site at launch and it will be first come, first served. They will be on our page on Wednesday at 10:00 AM CET, but with the popularity of the other collections in mind, you probably don’t want to sleep on these.

You can order the adidas ACE 16+ PureControl Ultra Boost Blue Blast right here from Wednesday the 1st of February.

We can almost say what we like about these sneakers, because in all honesty we probably can’t do them justice as well as our beautiful images. A white Boost sole, which ensures supreme comfort, combined with a fresh blue upper; that’s a tough act to beat. We are well and truly excited for these, and if you want in on the action, then be ready on Wednesday.