adidas ace football boots

adidas has done the impossible. In May 2015, adidas sent all their old shoes in tyo early retirement. This means that we will see no more 11Pro adidas, adidas Predator, F50 Adizero or nitrocharge more. The new hot adidas is X or Ace. Two different shoes for two different types of players. Whose side are you on? It is to decide to you whether you rather the one who wants to control the game, or who wants to cause chaos on the enemy's side?

adidas Ace is the cleat for the controlling player, which is the key to the success of his team. The player who gets the instructions from the coach and is responsible for the tactics on the field. With a wide range of ball controlling techniques adidas driving the development of the football boot of playmaker progress continues. With the new surface material Totalskin, Control Web and NSG (Non-Stop Grip) you have all the prerequisites to dominate the game, regardless of whether it comes to winning or losing.

Thanks to a combination of traditional studs and smaller tunnels, you can now with adidas cleats Ace play on different surfaces, without you need to worry about injury or damage to the shoes. Thanks to all these tunnels you get an optimal control of the ball with the sole. In this way you can be sure your ball handling is always excellent, no matter what part of the shoe uses you.

Here at you will find a wide selection of adidas football boots and you can just add your new adidas Ace order with quick delivery times. The fact is that you can also add your name or your flag, or get both on your shoe. It's time that you get control of the game. Football has changed and that goes for your football boots, adidas Ace!