PUMA evoTOUCH Black/Silver | Feast on this beauty!


Written by Jacob Harder

The PUMA evoTOUCH has already positioned itself as a truly world-class football boot and the design-team behind the boot has made a habit of treating us to great colourways. Check out the latest addition right here.

We’ve somehow come to a loss of words when it comes to describing the colourways put forth by the PUMA design-team and their evoTOUCH collection. Every time the German football institution that is PUMA launch a new colourway we can’t but help feeling spoiled and time after time again we’re left feeling dead certain they can’t out-do themselves once more. We’re proven wrong every single time. Luckily!

The highly popular PUMA evoTOUCH is now being launched in a colourway that comes as close to being a blackout version (without actually being one) as possible. Was it not for a dark silver PUMA logo donning the sides of the boot, they would be completely black. It’s become rather apparent that black football boots are, and always will be, a very popular choice among football players globally. I mean, check out the photos; they are unreasonably good-looking and we’re pretty sure they’d look just as good on your feet.

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You shouldn’t let the classic design fool you as the PUMA evoTOUCH football boots are as modern and innovative as you can possibly imagine. The boot is built around the evoKNIT sock-construction which, according to PUMA themselves, is made of a material that is so soft and supple you don’t need to wear a sock when you lace up the boots on your feet. Furthermore, the upper is made up of high-quality kangaroo leather, which provides you with an elegant touch and a personalised fit once you’ve broken them in.

If you want our opinion, and we obviously hope you do, these football boots are nothing short of the perfect combination of classic design and modern innovation. The PUMAevoTOUCH has so many things going for it that they’re difficult not to consider if you’re looking for a new pair of football boots. Should you however need a tad more persuasion to give the evoTOUCH a whirl yourself, you can checkout Joltter’s review of the boots. He’s full of superlatives in his review, just as we are when it comes to describing this new colourway. Do you agree; did PUMA knock this one out of the park?

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