Unisport Uncut ep. 31 | Radiation Flare Pack, Blue Blast and much more


Written by Mathias Boughey-Svendsen

Joltter and JayMike have been for a trip to our studio to shoot a new episode of Unisport Uncut, and they had plenty talk about. That has resulted in episode 31, where you can get an impression of just how much was launched this last month.

2017 has been kicked off with an explosion of football boots, and Joltter and JayMike have been raring to talk about them all and that shows in this episode, where they once again go way over time. Forget Trump and American politics for a while, sit back, and enjoy 31st episode of Unisport Uncut, where you don’t have to worry about anything except new colourways, models and celebrations of legends.

Wayne Rooney scored his goal number 250 for Manchester Unite, and Nike have honoured that with a Limited Edition Hypervenom II. Nike also released the Hypervenom 3 DF, and accompanying Radiation Flare Pack. Down in Germany things haven’t been going slow either, with adidas introing a Pogba collection, as well as a Blue Blast collection. Did we forget something? Probably, but our Dynamic Duo luckily haven’t. Check out the video above and get the full overview.

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