Umbro update the Velocita, UX and Medusae | Black and orange it is!


Written by Jacob Harder

Not one, not two, but three new boots have just been unveiled by Umbro. The Velocita, Medusae and the UX Accuro have all gotten a fresh splash of black and orange paint and they look gorgeous...

Halloween might not be for another 8 months or so, but we can't help but let our minds wander towards pumpkins and thrills. Christmas is even further away, but in my mind it's just arrived early as I for one certainly wouldn't mind finding any one of these boots in my Christmas stocking. These three new Umbro football boots are looking mighty dapper in their black and orange get-up, but before I get too carried away let's break them down one by one.

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We'll kick things off with the Umbro Velocita, Umbro's take on a speed boot, which has been awarded a rapid colourway where only a black logo and black studs keep the boot from turning out completely orange. Despite the Velocita weighing in at a mere 165g, Umbro haven't skimped on comfort and tech. The upper is lined with an innovative memory foam, which moulds to your foot and gives you a fit unlike any other boot out there and if you combine that with the precise touch it offers you on the ball, you've got yourself one heck of speed boot.

'Deadly Comfort'. The mantra of the Umbro UX Accuro really holds up its own in terms of relevance when you consider the Halloween inspired colourway. This stunning matte black boot from Umbro is however not just a trick, but a true treat; it is unmistakingly comfortable and therefore lives up to its main focus with ease. Comfort is not all the UX Accuro is good for; it's been fitted with control elements on the inside of the foot and on the forefoot aiding your touch when passing and receiving the ball.

Last, but not least, we have the Umbro Medusae that combines the best of both worlds; a lightweight synthetic upper and a forefoot in high quality kangaroo leather. The Medusae is designed as a control boot and when you're on the pitch trying to control the game you don't need anything but pressure weighing you down. For that reason the Medusae weighs in at an incredible 189g, which is simply baffling when you know it's a control boot.

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