Benteke vs. Joltter | Top bin vs. Top Summit


Written by Jacob Harder

Joltter and Christian Benteke met a few weeks ago, but now it seems they might have left some unfinished business behind. What do the French Alps, FIFA and the Nike Hypervenom 3 have in common?

Well, they all play an integral part in what goes on in the video just above this text and even though that may not clear up a lot, it does make sense. Joltter is still injured and therefore referred to crutches and virtual football. Christian Benteke isn't however and as a result a compromise had to me made to settle a challenge or two. That might just be a blessing in disguise for Joltter, as we don't fancy him winning many aerial duels against the Belgian striker even if he was fit!

Check out the video above and find out how it went down as Joltter and Benteke squared off.

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