Q&A #5 | Banter, boots and Ballon d'Or


Written by Jacob

We're back with the fifth installment of our Q&A series and this time around JayMike and Joltter take center stage to answer questions about alternative career paths, time machines and Ballon d'Or snubs. Tune in!

We're rounding off the week with a re-cap of all the questions you've sent in to JayMike and Joltter and there's been plenty to choose from. Topics cover alternative jobs for Ronaldo and Messi, preferred football and the most disappointing launch based on amount of generated hype and of course the matter of Joltter's current haircut is discussed. So, take some time out of your day, kick back and enjoy a few minutes of great football-inspired banter - and remember, the winner of the giveaway is to be announced and it might just be you!