Nike Radiation Flare Pack equipped with Anti-Clog technology


Written by Jacob

Nike aren't quite done with the Radiation Flare Pack and neither are we. They've just unveiled a new collection of Anti-Clog traction boots to go with said pack. And yes, that includes the Mercurial!

There are only so many things in life that are certain; taxes, death and of course Arsenal blowing their season to bits in span of a few weeks. Formerly that list included football boots getting clogged up with mud and grass every time you stepped on a wet and muddy pitch, but thanks to Nike those days are behind us. They've spent years developing the Anti-Clog Traction technology for their football boots and we are head over heels for it and so should you be.

Now, as I am not a PhD graduate in super science, I am not going to copy and paste whatever the white lab coats from Nike have sent us to explain how this technology works. I am however going to break it down for you in layman's terms. We've all been there; scrubbing our finger nails clean after practice as they've turned as dirty as you can possibly fathom from scrubbing of lumps of mud and grass from underneath our boots. It is ridiculously annoying and that goes without mentioning what happens if you don't do it - losing every single bit of traction you football boots are supposed to give you.

Continued below.

Enough is enough and that is thankfully the conlusion the guys at Nike came to as well. It took years of development to finally have a product to show for it and that product is of course the famed Anti-Clog Traction technology. The outsole is treated with a coating that is basically resistant to molecular structure of mud and even though that sounds very science-like, it is just a fancy way of saying it repels mud. It simply won't stick to the boot or the studs and you'll retain the traction that SG boots are meant to deliver. To get a grasp of how well it works, check out the video at the bottom, where JayMike tests it out.

There is another innovation on show today, as Nike have, for the first time, managed to equip the Mercurial collection with the Anti-Clog technology. This proved difficult due to the anatomical outsole and insole used on the Mercurial boots, but with some minor tweaks they've managed to implement it successfully. Now you can get all Nike silos with the technology, and even better, you can get them in the current Radiation Flare pack design as of today. Remember, the Anti-Clog technology is limited to SG boots as it is meant for play on wet and muddy pitches.

In real life, you can always recognise the Nike Anti-Clog boots from the hexagon logo on the heel, and we're sure you'll go looking for it, as once you've tried it there is no going back. It is surely a game-changer!

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