SELECT Brilliant Super | The most reliable football ever?


Written by Jacob Harder

Danish sports brand SELECT is known as one of the best around when it comes to making footballs. They're ready to share their latest innovation with you; the SELECT Brillant Super TB.

Footballs used to be made entirely out of leather and were as heavy as one could imagine. In wet conditions they'd get even worse as they would suck up so much water that you might as well play with a medicine ball. Thanks to brands such as SELECT the trend is reversing and there are next to none leather footballs on the market as the switch to synthetic materials is close to complete.

SELECT's top-of-the-line football is the Brillant Super and it sets the gold standard on the market. Why? Some brands swing and miss from time to time, but be honest; have you ever been disappointed by a SELECT Brillant Super? No. And that trend isn't about to change as they've further improved the iconic football. To ensure a three year roundness guarantee and to create a better performing ball, they've thermo-bonded the latest installation - and boy is it good!

The thermo-bonding on the SELECT Brillant Super TB makes sure the ball absorbs next to no water and thereby maintains its intended weight through the duration of play and use. Furthermore, in the process of development the ball has been tested by no less than 500 individual players from different European countries and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. And how did we find it then? Check out the video below and watch as JayMike and PWG review the best footballs on the market.

Is the SELECT Brillant Super TB the football for you? You can find it here!