Evolution Cut from Reusch


Written by Katrine Abel

The cut is one of the most important features of a goalkeeper glove. Reusch now present their attempt to create a revolutionary cut which gives the goalkeeper the best possible conditions for performing at his utmost.

Evolution Cut
The newest launch from Reusch introduces the goalkeeper society to a brand new cut. Reusch' Evolution Cut combines Roll Finger Cut and Expanse Cut, which is a Reusch term for the traditional Flat Cut.
The fingertips are equipped with Roll Finger Cut which means that the latex surrounds the fingertips. This gives an enhanced latex-to-ball surface area, and a tight fit that combines to give amazing ball control.
The lower part of the fingers is equipped with Expanse Cut with seams on the outside. This cut makes room for a breathable mesh material on the sides of the fingers. This in turn provides the gloves with great ventilation and allows your hands to breathe. The stitching is also designed to keep the hands in an anatomically pre-shaped catching position.

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Serathor Pro G2 Evolution
Besides being equipped with the brand new Evolution Cut, the newly launched Serathor Pro G2 Evolution are also equipped with Reusch' G2 Ultrasoft latex which gives an outstanding grip in both sunny and rainy conditions.
The Serathor Pro G2 comes with a line of awesome features. For instance, the gloves are equipped with Pro Flex and Thumb Crotch which give the hand enormous flexibility. The backhand is made with Pro Latex which is a soft and comfortable material that gives the needed support when punching.

Removable fingersave
The Serathor Pro G2 Evolution is available both with and without Ortho-Tec, which is Reusch's term for finger protection. If you choose the Serathor Pro G2 Evolution with Ortho-Tec, obviously it can be removed, if you at some point no longer need the extra protection.

All in all this is an exciting new launch from Reusch, and I don't think this is the last thing we'll hear of the Evolution Cut.

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