PUMA King Chrome | Made in Italy | "For those with a bit of class"


Written by Mathias Boughey-Svendsen

Throughout the history of football, some boots stand out as having had a particularly large impact on the game and one of them is undoubtedly the PUMA King. Now a splash of chrome has been added to two premium versions of the King. For your viewing pleasure…

Joined by the slightly provocative tag: - “For those with a bit of class” - PUMA have today released two special edition models of the King, where all the little details have been obsessed even more than on the regular version. I’m sure PUMA don’t mean any offense to those of us, who prefer to step onto the pitch in flashy, lightweight synthetic boots, but that doesn’t make their statement any less true. You just know, when someone steps onto the pitch in a pair PUMA King, that there at some point in the game is going to be a moment of class from them (albeit brief for some). With that buttery soft kangaroo leather touch, even Daniel the 110 kilo centre-back will at some point produce a bit of elegance.

The chance of that happening only increases with this PUMA King Top M.I.I. Chrome football boot, because it is created as a premium expression of the original all-time classic. The new boots are made in an Italian boot factory, which gives them just a bit more quality, than the regular Asian mass-production models. The stitching and most importantly the leather is as a result better, which means these far more than just an exceptionally nice colour update. Add to that a bit of Chrome detailing and you’re onto a winner!

You can get your hands on the new PUMA King football boots on unisportstore.com. Secure your pair of Chrome M.I.I. here.