Retro football shirts by Copa | Barcelona, DDR and Roma


Written by Mathias

Taking you back to simpler times in football, where ticket prices were still reasonable, paying €105 million for a player was insanity and words like AeroSwift, Climacool and DryCell were all gobbledygook. If you’re down for a bit of vintage football style, then now is the time to read along.

Here at Unisport we boast an unsurpassed selection of football shirts, with clubs from all around the world. What you might not know however, is that we also have an impressive range of legendary, classic football kits from different important years in football history, ranging all the way back to the 70’s and 80’s. It could be the glory days for some clubs or just a season, where the shirt design was simply too amazing to not keep producing.

The immensely popular shirts have really caught on and it’s easy to see why, with design that are as well suited for everyday wear as trips to the stadium. It is the brand Copa, who are behind the initiative and the official licenced designs have now found their way to our store. To give an impression of just how many different shirts there are to choose from, we have everything from beautiful 1974/75 Barcelona away-shirt to the 1974 DDR World Cup shirt and the 1980 Roma home-shirt. A vintage mix of stunning design and a little political statement if that’s your thing.

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