ACE Trans Pro Turbocharge


Written by Katrine Abel

adidas just keep spoiling us goalkeepers. A new launch of boots almost always means a follow-up launch of goalkeeper gloves. Turbocharge is no exception - and we thank adidas for that!

About a month ago, adidas launched their popular Camouflage Pack. “Blend in to stand out”. But the Turbocharge Pack has a whole other story behind it. The spring colours are glowing, and with the new ACE Trans Pro Turbocharge you should get ready to be noticed. ‘Show off to stand out’. .

The ACE Trans Pro Turbocharge has a lot of expectations to live up to, and as usual they don’t disappoint. They are equipped with all the same amazing features that we know from the earlier models. For instance adidas’ excellent Evo Zone Tech which has improved the latex remarkably. The technology gives an outstanding contact with the ball.
The backhand is still made from one piece of neoprene which makes the gloves very comfortable, and it gives a perfect fit. Of course you still get the Negative Cut for full ball control, the Punch Zone for full power and adidas’ characteristic closing mechanism for a personal fit where you can tighten or loosen the strap based on your preferences.

The pictures speak for themselves. With the ACE Trans Pro Turbocharge adidas has managed to deliver perfection both when it comes to design and technologies.