Nike 'Motion Blur' Pack launched


Written by Mathias Boughey-Svendsen

Nike have just unveiled their brand new "Motion Blur Pack" featuring a colour update to all four silos and they're all looking as fresh as ever. White boots, sunshine and spring football - bring it on!

When the Monday blues hit you like a freight train at full speed, it's really rather convenient that the guys at Nike are ready to help you cure them with a fresh drop of boots. They've just unveiled the Motion Blur Pack and despite the fact that it's a completely new and fresh launch, we're experiencing a little bit of deja-vu around the Unisport HQ office. The seasoned boot spotter might already be on to it, but let me give you one final hint; the 2012 EUROs...

I am of course referring to the Nike Clash Pack from the aforementioned tournament, where all of Nike's boots featured a distinct design with a mainly white boot and an eye-catching colour on the heel. Do you see the resemblance? Good, but keep in mind that this is not critique in any way; if anything it's a huge compliment as the Clash Pack was absolutely divine to look at and had one of the best on-pitch impacts as far as visual impressions goes and I sense the Nike 'Motion Blur' Pack is ready to follow in those footsteps.

The top models of the Nike 'Motion Blur' football boots are already available today. Exclusively at unisport.

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The inspiration behind the Motion Blur Pack is audacious and unpredictable movements and I for one can see what they're on about. The colourways of all the boots seem to be inviting and daring you to do the unexpected and what more can you really ask for? You've got the Hypervenom with a light blue touch, the Magista with the neon yellow, Mercurial with the racer pink touch and last, but not least, the evergreen Tiempo with, you guessed it, a hint of green.

Nike have always been great at catering to all types of players and this time round they've also catered to all types of preferences when it comes to colourways. Everyone likes a crisp, white football boot and no one does that better than Nike; now they've added that slick touch of colour on every boot to really make them pop. And hey, it makes it easier for the defender to find out who just left him for dead, when he drops to the grass. The Motion Blur Pack is here and it's ready to wreak havoc!

The top models of the Nike 'Motion Blur' football boots are already available today. Exclusively at unisport.