Nike Women's 'Motion Blur' Pack


Written by Mathias

When it comes to women’s football, no brand has bigger focus than Nike at the moment. They now present WMNS colourways for EVERY boot in EVERY pack. This time it’s Motion Blur, which you can see more of here.

The Nike Motion Blur pack was introduced on Monday this week and the men’s boots, which we will see on the feet of Cristiano Ronaldo, Iniesta, Sergio Ramos and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, naturally stole the spotlight. Alongside them Nike did however also release these colourways for women, which in terms of brightness completely eclipse their male counterparts.

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Nike know that with the football boots for girls they can go completely crazy, and with this installment they certainly have done so. Every boot is absolutely bonkers and if a 4-silo collection of football boots ever symbolised the arrival of spring, then this is surely it. I mean, just check out the mimosa-coloured Tiempo!

By now most of the male readers have probably already jumped ship, but on the off chance there are still some of you left reading, then I have a secret for you. If you want these, then the reality is that they are really unisex, even though they are branded purely as a WMNS boot. Nike haven’t made the last slimmer or anything and the boots run up to a size EU43/US11, so if they fit you, then there is really nothing holding you back from rocking a pair.

You can get your pair of the Nike Motion Blur football boots for women right through this link.