Umbro launch trifecta of blue and white boots | UX Accuro, Velocita and Medusae


Written by Mathias Boughey-Svendsen

We're coming off the end of a much needed Easter breather, but before we return to reality we have a triple colour update from Umbro to show you. The Velocita, UX and Medusae all get a blue and white paintjob.

Chances are that you've spent your Easter just like the rest of us; purposefully horizontal and always within close proximity of food and snacks. Or well, at least that's how I spent my Easter and therefore I'm ever so pleased that today's launch from Umbro features all of their boots in a new colour scheme that couldn't be more light inviting even if it tried. White and blue remain the dominant colours with small accents of black here and there to finish off classy looks for the Velocita, Medusae and UX.

I can't help but start with the Umbro UX which remains the bluest of them all, since we recently featured it as one the most underrated football boots on the market right now. Despite the somewhat confusing mantra of "Deadly Comfort", the Umbro UX is designed with comfort as they key element on the boot and we can safely say that it more than holds it own in that department. Add in control elements for improved ball handling and this ever so crisp colourway and you've got yourself a boot for the ages!

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Umbro football boots are quality through and through and that naturally includes the Medusae. When you total up a forefoot of supple and soft leather with a lightweight, microfiber midfoot construction, you get the Umbro Medusae. A classic take on a control boot for the midfield maestro that finds the happy medium by combining modern technology with old school virtues of leather touch and comfort. And now you can pick up a pair in a fresh set of colours; white, blue and black. Doesn't get any classier, does it?

Need for speed? Look no further than the Umbro Velocita 3 to get your fix, as this is right up there with the best and lightest of them. In true Umbro style, the British sports manufacturer have managed to create an incredibly comfortable speed boot that weighs a mere 165 grams. Like, how is it even possible? Nonetheless they've managed just that and even clad the Velocita in elegant white and blue colour scheme as the Medusae and UX. So, what's it going to be? Which one are you going for?

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