Unisport upgrade on-site navigation | Super easy to find your new boots and gear


Written by Mathias Boughey-Svendsen

If you’re one of our regular page visitors, then you may have noticed something new on our site. Our product category navigation has been given a pretty comprehensive and very helpful update. If you want to get an overview of what changed, then read along here.

Here at Unisport we are certainly what you call football boot obsessed. Being experts on the subject and knowing exactly which boots suits who, where and when is very much part of our company DNA. That’s why we have changed the setup of our category navigation at the top of our page (Or top left side of the page, if you’re reading this on your phone), so it is far easier for you to pick out exactly the football boot you are looking for.

What you do now, when you’re on the hunt for new football boots, is first decide the category and direction you want to go in. You can choose from brands, what surface you need your boot for, your position on the pitch and a strong handful of other options. This means that regardless of whether you know exactly what you want or if you’re on the hunt for inspiration, this first dropdown menu will set you on the right path with just 1 click.

After the first step, you are already pretty far in the process and faced with a great number of football boots. Before you get sucked into looking at all of them and falling in love (I don’t blame you even the slightest), I would still recommend refining your search in our flashy new filter section on the left side. Here you can make sure the page only shows products in your size and tons of other options, so you only see things that are relevant for you. It’s definitely the way to do it and by using it you will find the optimal boot for you in half the time.

The same goes for our shirt section, which has also been given some strong modification options. After the navigation update, you can now filter between unique features like long or short sleeve, home, away, third kits and more useful options. Like with the boots, it's all done with the aim of making your experience on our site easier.

All there is left to say is go bonkers in our brand spanking new navigation and we can now confidently guarantee that you will find exactly what you need.