SELECT through 4 generations


Written by Katrine Abel

No doubt talent runs in the family. The danish goalkeeper Nicolai Larsen not only inherited his talent - he also inherited a preference for SELECT goalkeeper gloves.

Nicolai Larsen is a Danish goalkeeper who plays in the danish club AaB. He has played several games on the national youth teams, and his talent is undoubtable. He probably got his talent from his father, Carsten Larsen, who too was a professional goalkeeper and represented Denmark in some games.
It seems that Carsten got his goalkeeping talent from his father, Benno Larsen, who played several games for the Danish national team and lead a life as a professional footballer in Augsburg, St. Pauli and GAIS in Sweden.
Now it seems Nicolai's young son who seemingly inherited his dad's talent is about to follow the family tradition.

Once SELECT - always SELECT
It’s not that surprising that both Carsten and Nicolai went in their father’s footsteps. It is remarkable, though, that during those 40 years of professional football in the Larsen family, SELECT has always been the preferred brand. The competition has become harder every day, but the Larsen-goalkeepers have year after year chosen SELECT goalkeeper gloves - and they seem more than satisfied.

Danish quality
For several years, goalkeepers on all levels have been able to wear SELECT goalkeeper gloves. Select truely have found the balance between development and security. The gloves are a goalkeepers most crucial equipment, and the goalkeeper needs to rely on the grip, fit and durability of the gloves. SELECT value technology and development, but the recognizability from glove to glove is very high. This way goalkeepers get the newest features and the security of a glove they know well. In my opinion, that is the perfect balance.