Uhlsport launch Lloris’ Eliminator Supergrip


Written by Katrine

For many years, Hugo Lloris has appeared for both Spurs and Les Bleus in Uhlsport goalkeeper gloves, and Uhlsport as well as Lloris seem pleased with that arrangement.

Flat Cut - traditional cut with exceptional control
Hugo Lloris prefers the Flat Cut, and as the only Uhlsport goalkeeper gloves with the Supergrip latex, the Uhlsport Eliminator Lloris Supergrip have a completely traditional Flat Cut without finger wrap or hybrids. This provides you with a large catching area and excellent control.
The gloves have a very unique design with a special Hugo Lloris colour combination. The gloves are a limited edition that are only available at selected retailers. Unisport has been selected as such a selected retailer so hurry up and get yourself a pair while they’re still in stock.

Get your pair of Uhlsport Eliminator Lloris Supergrip here