Meet the complete adidas 'champagne pack' | ACE, X, Copa and PureControl UltraBoost


Written by Mathias Boughey-Svendsen

It’s almost a bit too much to handle. adidas football have today released a brand new launch as a part of the Limited Collection, which builds on the iconic Predator ‘champagne’ boot.

Spearheaded by a unique remake of the adidas Predator Mania Champagne from the late nineties, this entire pack already looks pretty set to be the very biggest and internet-shattering football boot event of 2017. The very latest technical innovations, which meet and combine beautifully with the adidas’ proud heritage.

“The champagne colourway was one of adidas Football’s most iconic for our most iconic boot, the adidas Predator Mania. With the new adidas champagne pack, we’ve been able to fuse a classic colourway with our modern on-pitch and off-pitch innovations, giving it the modern twist that we know football lovers want” - Sam Handy, Vice President of Design, adidas Football

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If you want read more about and buy just the adidas Predator Mania remake, then click here.

The adidas ACE 17+ PureControl is used to being the most hyped product in every adidas launch, but with this launch it will definitely have to give up its spot and make way for the Predator remake, which will be getting a lot of the attention. However, the Predator will likely be sold out within hours and possibly even minutes, so when that time comes there is a spot open for one of the remaining three silos to pick up the mantle. In these beautiful cream, black and red hues it doesn’t really matter which silhouette becomes the most hyped, because X, ACE and Copa all look equally good.

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Lastly, the Limited Collection adidas ‘champagne pack’ goes off-pitch, as adidas have also introduced a new PureControl UltraBoost. We will be giving more information on the release of the sneaker on our blog later today, but I can reveal that we will be selling them via a raffle, because adidas have made so few pairs worldwide. Stock so limited they make YEEZY’s look easy to cop.

You can find your link to all the adidas ‘champagne pack’ football boots right here on