The football app "Tonsser" in big deal with Unisport & Nike


Written by Mathias Boughey-Svendsen

There is a growing community of footballers ready to sweep the world and the number of followers is already in the hundreds of thousand. Unisport and Tonsser have started a partnership and in case you’re not sure what that means, now is the time to read along.

It sounds like big talk, but Tonsser can really only be described as the ultimate app for young footballers. It allows you to create a profile and through the apps agreements with every club in the country, track your performances on the pitch. That means your profile will show how many games you have played, how manys goals you have scored, how many yellow cards you have picked up, as well as many other stats. They even use this data to pick a Team of the Week. A good way of describing it is a football mixture of Instagram and LinkedIn and I’m telling you right now it’s absolutely awesome!

Furthermore, the app also allows you to share your favourite football moments, as well as watch inspirational videos and pictures shared by other footballers on the app. This is where Unisport come in, because we are one of the just two brands selected to join the app and help give you some of this inspiration. JayMike, PWG and Joltter do some unique videos and we also find room for pictures of the football boots we all love! - Ohh, and in case you were wondering, the only other brand invited to be on Tonsser is some small American company called Nike (Are they a big deal like us too?)

If you want to join the wave early, then find a download link for Tonsser right here.

The whole app is made to inspire players to becoming better and that is definitely something we here at Unisport have always tried to do too. The Tonsser and Unisport partnership was therefore a very natural connection and as you can already see from our profile (Go download Tonsser and follow Unisport now *wink *wink), the partnership is off to a strong start.

For now Tonsser is available in Denmark, Sweden, Spain, Italy, France, Germany and Norway, but the journey has only just begun. We have a page for all those countries, so if you play football and want to not only increase your chances of being scouted, but also get some daily doses of inspiration, then download the app now.

Lastly, can we all just quickly take a moment to appreciate how awesome a name “Tonsser” is? Just sounds savage!

Click here to get a download link for Tonsser and create your profile.